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Acclaim for In My World

What Kids Say . . .

* Lacey, 9, Minnesota
Aspiring Artist
"I love your book In My World. Not just that I'm on the cover. I love the ideas for children's rooms. Even my 4-year-old brother likes to look at it. Now we're doing construction on our house and we are getting lots of good ideas from it. Thank you."

* Vitya Kozlov, 7, Moscow, Russia
Future Cosmonaut
"I like the great pictures very much. I asked my parents to change my room and move the furniture. Now it's all different and blue. I feel very happy."

Lacey's garden

What Child Experts Say . . .

* Psychologist Judith Wallerstein, PhD, Corte Madera, California
Director, Center for the Family in Transition
Author, Second Chances, The Good Marriage
"In My World is beautiful. The illustrations, the text, the whole idea is really splendid. It's really wonderful to find someone who takes the aesthetics of the world of the child so seriously and realizes the tremendous importance and the psychological and developmental impact of the kind of world that adults create for their children. I hope (it) will have the major influence that it surely deserves . . . (an) important contribution to the lives of children."

* Psychiatrist Marcia Freed, MD, Portland, Oregon
"I am a child and adult psychiatrist and parent of a 4-year-old, and came across In My World quite by accident. How impressed I am by your book! I am recommending it to new parents and to other therapists. The appendix and bibliography are very useful and the photographs are excellent and go so well with your text. The text is excellent. . . "

* Jacky DeJonge, Former Dean, Knoxville, Tennessee
University of Tennessee College of Human Ecology
"In My World is thoughtful and inspiring . . . Parents, grandparents and professionals alike will glean many useful ideas from this publication. . . Ro's commitment to design, and its particular influence on young children, comes alive in this book!"

What Media Say . . .

* Publishers Weekly:
"Ro Logrippo returns with another breezy and authoritative guide to creating attractive and useful spaces for kids in In My World: Designing Living & Learning Environments for the Young."
-- Dulcy Brainard, Lifestyle Editor

* Woman's Day:
"Ro Logrippo, design journalist and expert of children's home environments, shows you how to create a child's room that will stimulate both imagination and intellect in her book In My World. This colorfully photographed book is crammed with ideas."
-- Sarah Tusa, Assistant Editor, Special Interest Publications

* Better Homes & Gardens:
"In My World offers ideas for capturing the essence of your child's personality and dreams. "
-- Kristin Schmitt, Editor, Home Plan Ideas

* Montreal, Quebec, Gazette:
" In My World author Ro Logrippo matches issues that kids often face with inventive yet practical decorating solutions. . . The book is a sequel to In My Room and the same joyful approach spills over into the new publication. But the tone is matter-of-fact as the book tackles the real world of youngsters who have to cope with divorced parents, physical handicaps, polluted interiors, etc."
-- Annabelle King, Home Editor

* Los Angeles Times:
"In My World contains page after page of ideas for creatively furnishing children's rooms."
-- Candace Wedlan, Editor, The Family File

* Furniture Today:
"In My World is packed with ideas about how to make a child's living space a fun, stimulating environment that builds self-esteem, encourages learning and expresses personality. . . . The book could serve as a vital resource and marketing tool for retailers and manufacturers. If there is a world that furniture marketers need to understand today, it is the world of children as they learn and grow in the home."
-- Kim Shaver, Consumer Editor

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